Above the Line Consulting

Above the Line ConsultingIncreasingly, organisations are outsourcing large and complex projects to specialist ICT providers or large Prime System Integrators. While this has many benefits, it also has the potential for the source organisation to lose visibility and control of the finer details of the project.

To mitigate this risk Informatech offers above the line consulting based on our expert understanding of System and Software Testing and our extensive experience on major project works. The specific services that we provide in this space include:

  • Ensuring Test Documentation meets a high standard of quality
  • Ensuring that proposed testing is based on relevant standards and industry best practices
  • Ensuring that the proposed testing verifies all aspects of the solution, including all integration interfaces
  • Ensuring Defects are correctly raised, managed and are closed only when completely resolved
  • Actively monitoring progress and comparing this to status reports to ensure that reports are accurate and address all relevant areas
  • Meeting facilitation and issue escalation