Bid and Tender Response Support

Bid and Tender Response SupportTesting is a competitive industry, and winning business in this area can be extremely challenging without expert knowledge. As a specialist testing company that focuses entirely on testing services we have experience both in writing successful tender responses and in the assessment of responses particularly within the Public Service. So we know exactly what is required to win work in this domain and we have the capability to deliver on this work upon a successful tender outcome.

Because of this we have created a capability within our business to provide Tender Response Support to Prime System Integrators to either; lend our specific skills to supplement existing bids, or assist them with winning additional work. This is typical of partnership arrangements that are common on major projects. Our services in this area include:

  • Embedding specialist Test Managers in your bid team to work on the tender response
  • Designing Test Approaches that comply with ASDEFCON for Defence Projects and ISO and IEEE standards for non-Defence projects
  • Developing accurate Cost Estimates based on the actual amount of work required to test the system
  • Developing a testing schedule that allows time for rigorous testing while being cognisant of the overall Project Schedule
  • Developing the Testing component of the Statement of Work (SoW)
  • Providing Testing services on achievement of a successful tender outcome