About us

Our Values

Our ValuesAt Informatech we think differently about testing. We believe that Testing is a means to an end; it's a tool that we use to ensure that systems are built with quality in mind. When you use the right tool you get a good outcome.

To that end we don't believe in exhaustive testing for the sake of it. Each system is different and the amount and type of testing conducted depends on the unique characteristics of the system. Some systems require a heavy hand while others can achieve high levels of quality with minimal testing. Regardless of the system we have a set of core values that we believe are integral to the success of our business.

Absolute Quality

  • A system built ahead of schedule and under budget that performs poorly is not money well spent
  • We aim to ensure the system quality exceeds all requirements and expectations without costing the earth

Intelligent Testing

  • Through intelligent testing we can verify systems quickly and efficiently
  • Utilising intelligent Testers enables us to do things other testers can't

Focus on End Users

  • When the project is over and the system is in operation the end users are the people who have to use it
  • We balance the needs of the project with the needs of the people who use the system

Be the Best

  • We don't just want to be another testing company, we actively want to be the best at what we do
  • We employ rigorous practices to ensure we hire only the best testers meaning you only get the best