Finding your problems before your customers do.

Who We Are


Informatech is your one-stop-shop for your project, service management and specialist testing requirements.


With dedicated ICT and test professionals who have extensive experience in project work gained from some of the largest and most complex projects undertaken in the Southern Hemisphere, we have the depth and breadth of knowledge to meet all of your needs.

Informatech is currently based solely in Canberra.


Why We Formed

Informatech formed in 2014 when Nathan Bligh and Scott Cleburne, two of Australia's most qualified testers, together with Amanda Lax, decided to try and revolutionise the way testing is performed. 

Over the course of their careers Nathan and Scott had seen testing used in many different contexts for different goals but rarely for what it should be used for: to save money and to improve the business through customer satisfaction. People may argue that the goal of testing is quality but we believe that people want quality so they can save money and have happy customers. 

Even in today's market Testing is often seen as a necessary evil instead of something that can provide real and significant benefits to business. We understand that much of this is because of the immaturity within the testing discipline. That's what we want to change and that's where we are different.

What Differentiates Us From Other "Testers"?

  • We employ only dedicated Test Professionals

  • We're Certified by the world's leading testing body - in fact, Informatech was the first company to achieve ISTQB Platinum Partnership status in Australia

  • We have real world experience on very large and complex projects

  • We use internationally recognised standards as the basis for testing

  • We have staff with high level security clearances

  • We are flexible in our approach and can work around your needs

  • We have the technical proficiency to understand and test even the most complex systems

  • We have experience with numerous System Development Life Cycle methodologies

  • We understand that different systems have different requirements and can tailor processes accordingly

  • We have diverse skills that we use to ensure our testing is well rounded