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We have worked across a number of projects for various government agencies, specialising in Defence and National Security.

Informatech regularly partners with prime systems integrators and provides both delivery and governance/assurance to ensure successful delivery of projects on behalf of our customers.


Project Brief

The Next Generation Desktop project is the largest desktop transformation undertaken in the southern hemisphere. It replaces Defence’s legacy Windows XP platform with a state-of-the-art virtual Windows 10 desktop delivered out of centralised data centres to over 100,000 users across Australia.

How Informatech helped

Informatech were engaged to act on behalf of Defence to provide governance over companies responsible for other areas of delivery including Accenture, PWC, Leidos, IBM and Fujitsu, as well as performing testing on behalf of Defence.

In particular, Informatech performed rigorous testing of complex components such as Disaster Recovery, Operational Readiness, System Integration, Performance, Security, and User Acceptance Testing.

Included within the testing was a significant infrastructure testing component, which Informatech specialises in, verifying the underlying platform, virtualisation hypervisor, appliances and various services.


Project Brief

The Standalone Networks Remediation Program (SNRP) with Defence was the end result of an audit performed by the Australian National Audit Office (ANAO) which identified some 700+ small to medium information systems operating within Defence with no PSPF/ISM status or accreditation evident. SNRP was established to resolve the circumstances via a PaaS/SaaS “In-House” environment using CMWare and other specialised products.

How Informatech helped

As contractors to KPMG, Informatech were responsible for all verification and validation (testing) activities. We quickly identified that significant time, resource and cost constraints existed due to the large number of networks that required testing.

Using our specialist expertise, Informatech implemented a risk-based approach to identify the highest risk networks and designed automated tests to reduce the timeframe to test each network. Following this, Informatech performed verification and validation against each of the standalone networks to confirm that infrastructure was correctly built, applications were operating correctly on the infrastructure platform, and security treatments had been appropriately implemented and were effective.

So, what else have we worked on?

Well, a lot of projects! We have listed some of the most recent projects we have been involved in below. If you would like to find out how we helped these projects or more information about how we can use our expertise to assist your project then please get in touch with us.

  • SEA2273 – Navy Windows 10 upgrade and FIE Modernisation
  • JP2097 Phase 1B – Enhancements to Special operations Capability
  • JP2044 Phase 5 – Defence Geospatial Intelligence Capability Enhancement
  • Air 7000 Phase 1B – Multi-Mission Unmanned Aircraft System
  • Air 7000 Phase 2B – P8-A Poseidon RAAF ICT Integration
  • SEA1000 Phase 1 and 2 – Future Submarine Design and Construction
  • Centralised Processing
  • Infrastructure Transformation Program (Defence)