A range of key projects from our air domain portfolio.

Informatech regularly partners with prime systems integrators and provides both delivery and governance/assurance to ensure successful delivery of projects on behalf of our customers.

AIR 555 Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare (ISREW)

AIR 555 will replace the Air Force’s current capability provided by the Orion.

AIR 5431 Phase 2/3 Fixed Base Defence Air Traffic Management and Control System

This project will deliver new and refurbished air traffic control towers and airfield systems complex facilities to support ongoing air traffic control activities.

AIR 7000 Phase 2b SIE Integration

Air 7000 Phase 2B is the Maritime Patrol Aircraft Replacement Project responsible for replacing the ageing P-3 Orion aircraft with the P-8A Poseidon aircraft. Included in this are all of the support systems, and tactical interface systems required to integrate the data into the Defence Strategic Networks.