Informatech provides services to Government, Defence Industry, and System Integrators spanning many technical and non-technical disciplines both for the delivery of project work as well as governance/assurance over work undertaken by other companies.

Joint Capability Group Test and Evaluation Maturity

Provide Test and Evaluation (T&E) support to the JCG T&E Principal to develop a testing capability and framework for all joint Defence Projects, as well as governance and assurance over all Projects.

JP2060 Phase 4 – Health Knowledge Management

JP2060 Phase 4 seeks to acquire and sustain a commercial, information technology (IT), enterprise knowledge solution that captures health data, and collates and manages the information across the ADF health care continuum within the deployed and non-deployed, garrison environment.

ACSC – Operations and Sustainment

The ACSC integrates the national security cyber capabilities across the Australian Signals Directorate cyber security mission, cyber security experts from the Digital Transformation Agency, the Defence Intelligence Organisation strategic intelligence analysts, the Computer Emergency Response Team, the Cyber Security Policy Division of the Department of Home Affairs, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation cyber and telecommunications specialists, Australian Federal Police cyber crime investigators, and Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission cyber crime threat intelligence specialists. The Centre is also a hub for collaboration and information sharing with the private sector and critical infrastructure providers, state and territory governments, academia and international partners.

JP9102 – Australian Defence Satellite Communications System

The Australian Defence Satellite Communications System (ASDSS), will deliver a self-reliant, resilient and agile satellite communication capability to the Australian Defence Force (ADF), optimised for coverage over the Australian continent and the Pacific and Indian oceans. ASDSS is comprised of three solution components, namely the Sovereign Satellite Communications (SATCOM) (SSC), International Agreements, and Commercial Satellite Communications.

Joint Health Command – ADF Health Research Framework 2021-2025

The ADF Health Research Framework 2021-2025 outlines the importance of health research to the ADF. The purpose of the Framework is to shape a pathway by which health research will transition from knowledge to action to maximise Defence capability. A key deliverable of this work was the development strategic priorities to focus research to preserve the force, supporting ADF capability and optimising members’ health over the life course.

JP2096 – Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) Integration

JP2096 Phase 1 will provide functionality to the Defence Secret Network (DSN) to create a unified, integrated mission dataset that enables users to discover, access, analyse, manipulate and publish ISR information and intelligence in a timely manner, regardless of location, organisation, activity or information source.

JP9711 – Joint Simulation Capability

Joint Project 9711 Phase 1 will provide the services required to deliver a Core Simulation Capability that will provide critical training support to the future force through a significant upgrade and expansion of its simulation capability.

JP2008 – Military Satellite Communications

JP 2008 is a coordinated set of projects seeking to deploy an integrated wideband satellite communications capability to the Australian Defence Force. It seeks to establishing new satellite ground stations in eastern and western Australia, deliver a family of transportable land terminals to support tactical elements, and provide an integrated whole of ADF wideband SATCOM Network Management System.

JP9131 – Defensive Cyberspace Operations

JP9131 is a multi-faceted program to strengthen the ADF’s deployed cyber resilience to ensure that Defence can actively defend its deployed networks and combat platforms against rapidly evolving cyber threats. The project includes the construction of a modern, purpose-built Joint Information Warfare Facility.

JP2068 – Computer Network Defence

JP2068 is a multi-phased project to progressively develop a survivable Defence Network Operation Centre capability, which will enable Defence to more effectively manage, monitor and secure its major communications networks and information systems.

JP9111 – Joint Command and Control

JP 9111 aims to provide a Joint Command and Control (Joint C2) information environment to support the planning and execution of operations and exercises at all levels of command, either independently, as part of an Australian-led coalition, or as a component of a wider Five Eyes coalition. JP 9111 will also establish the organisations and processes that ensure the Joint C2 capability is able to meet evolving threats and leverage emerging technology opportunities over the life of the project.

JP2097 Phase 1B – Enhancements to Special Operations Capability

JP2097 project is to enhance the ADF Special Operations capability. Phase1B of this project addresses the communications and Land Mobility deficiencies by providing selected elements of a Networked Special Operations Capability and a modern fleet of Special Operations Vehicles. The MICT system is intended to provide scalable services, ranging between full SECRET connectivity between deployed users and SOCOMD Defence enterprise users, to a stand-alone MICT user to user encrypted system with a more limited application and services suite.

JP2289 – Joint Information Environment

Project scoped to deliver a single information environment for the joint force.

JP2044 Phase 5 – Defence Geospatial Intelligence Capability Enhancement

Defence Geospatial Intelligence Capability Enhancement project is to improve access to commercial satellites to improve space-based intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities.

Middle East Refresh Communications and Information System (MERCIS)

MER CIS Upgrade Program will provide a modern, stable, secure and standardised CIS infrastructure in the Middle East region. The program is comprised of four projects: Satellite Communications (SATCOM), Wide Area Network/Base Area Network (WAN/BAN) Upgrades, Enhanced Deployable Local Area Network (EDLAN) and Cyber Security.

JP2047 – Terrestrial Communications

JP2047 is a multi-phased project to maintain and improve the Defence networked communications infrastructure to provide a modern, integrated multimedia transmission and switching capability.

JP2221 – Multi-National Information Sharing Project

Deployable FIVE-EYES Mission Partner Environment solution connected to the strategic Defence Secret Network to enable high level information exchange between FIVE-EYES partners.