A range of key projects from our Land Domain portfolio.

Informatech regularly partners with prime systems integrators and provides both delivery and governance/assurance to ensure successful delivery of projects on behalf of our customers.

Generic Vehicle Architecture SOE

The Generic Vehicle Architecture SOE project provides a secret operating system between computing hardware and mission applications for Army vehicles as part of the Army Generic Vehicle Architecture program, allowing the hosting of multiple applications on shared computing infrastructure with appropriate isolation.

LAND 2072 Phase 2B

Headquarters On The Move (HQOTM), currently provides a mobile node within the Battlefield Telecommunications Network (BTN) wideband communications backbone as well as extending the communications range of the Tactical Communications Network (TCN).

LAND 125 Phase 4 – Human Combat Technology

LAND 125 is a multi-phase program dedicated to equipping the Australian Defence Force (ADF) soldiers with advanced gear and equipment that meet the modern combat requirements.

LAND 200 – Battlefield Communications Project

Land 200 is intended to transition Army’s command and control from a paper-based system to a modern digital system.